Company Ethos

Professional Quality Livestreaming

Our loved ones deserve the respectful remembrance that a virtual memorial can bring. For those that cannot attend, and to add to the legacy of a loved one, a Tributestream ® is an invaluable tool for healing, closure, and remembrance.

Our Team

Austin Sanchez


When I was studying at the University of Central Florida I had a close friend pass away. I was not able to attend the funeral, but a family member of hers shared a link to someone streaming the funeral on their phone. I was touched by this moment, and  told myself in that moment that I want to make a world where loved ones can share these moments together, no matter the distance. This is why I founded Tributestream®.

Dustin Fecera

Chief Operating Officer

I attended a funeral of a friend of mine in which they had multiple people using video calls to share his service with family. However when multiple people are doing video calls while trying to host a service a lot of hinderances come up. Many attendants were not able to grieve in peace with multiple people talking on video calls. When I heard about Tributestream® I wanted to join and make sure the livestreaming experience is good for every party involved.